A perfect summer day
is when the sun is
shining, the breeze
is blowing, the birds
are singing, and
the lawn mower
is broken.
~James Dent







Safety Tips for Summer Trips:

Home Alone
Social media posts with pictures of tourist attractions may
update your friends and family, but they also tell criminals...
that you’re on vacation and your house is empty. Other
older posts may contain personal details or pictures of
your home, telling thieves what items of value are in the
house or how to circumvent security systems.

Long-term Parking Lots:
Leaving your car in long-term parking at the airport
or hotel? Be sure to take your garage door opener,
personal information out of your vehicle. Thieves can
break into your vehicle and then have the ability to
enter your home.

Easy Tips to Protect Yourself

Use discretion when posting personal information
on social media. This information is a treasure-trove
to social engineers. Do not post information about
travel plans or details; save the pictures and
updates until after you return home.

Set email away messages to only respond to
known contacts in your address book.

Disable geo-locational features, such as
automatic status updates and friend finder

Remind friends and family members to exercise
the same caution.

Easy Tips to Protect Your Devices

Keep your electronic devices with you at all times.

Before traveling abroad, change all passwords that
you will use while traveling, and upon return change
the passwords of any accounts that were accessed
while abroad. This includes passwords used by
social media websites and email providers, for which
you have automatic logins.

Do not access sensitive accounts (e.g. banks, credit
cards, etc.) or conduct sensitive transactions over
public networks, including hotel and airport
wi-fi and business centers, or Internet cafés.

Use up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware,
and anti-adware protection software;
apply recommended patches to your operating
system and software.

Use wired connections instead of Bluetooth or
Wi-Fi connections, whenever possible.

Do not plug USB cables into public charging stations;
only connect USB powered devices using the
intended AC power adapter.

Know the local laws regarding online behavior,
as some online behaviors are illegal in certain countries.




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