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You're financial security is
  our priority.

  Torch Lake Federal Credit Union
 makes your financial security
 our priority.  TLFCU has
 procedures in place to monitor
 accounts for fraud; as with any
 system, unauthorized transactions
 do occur, that is why it is important
 for member's to review their
 financial statement or
view daily activity  on-line

via our on-line account access

 The on-line site allows you 
 to view daily  activity, balances,
withdrawals,  etc.  and set alerts
using the m*Teller  option. 
The m*Teller allows
 members to set alerts for
 specific dollar amount
 deposit or withdrawals, send
 a daily balance, alert you when
 your on-line account has
 been accessed or attempted
 access occurred and many
 more useful features.  The
 alerts can be sent to
 your email or as a
 text message to your

 Monitoring your account
 allows you to take action
 immediately if an unauthorized
 transaction has occurred
 and the sooner you report
 fradulent activity the
 sooner you can work
 to get your money

 If you have any
 questions regarding
 the m*Teller feature
 please contact us 


 Mary Kay Grabig, CEO






An Important Message for our Membership:
In recent years, the credit union has aggressively tried to reduce operating expense, while still offering services at competitive market rates. The cost of staying competitive in an ever changing electronic world combined with regulatory obligations, has driven expenses rapidly higher. To retain membership and attract new consumers, Torch Lake Federal Credit Union must evaluate each new product available to consumers and determine if it is cost effective.
With that being said, the Board of Directors has entered into a merging agreement between Torch Lake Federal Credit Union-$7 million in assets and Honor Credit Union. Honor Credit Union is located in St. Joseph Michigan and is a $475 Million asset Credit Union. Sir Credit Union from Negaunee, Michigan is also in the process to merge with Honor Credit Union. They are currently in the process of a membership vote. In conclusion, Torch Lake Federal will be “bridging” with another UP Credit Union and both of us will join with Honor Credit Union.
The amount of new products and services will be outstanding for you-our members. Products available will be Commercial and Mortgage lending, Home equity loans. Bill pay, and Overdraft Protection services will be offered, just to name a few.   We will also have shared branching and more ATM networks, which will give our members access to over 5,000 locations for you snowbirds, college kids, or members just taking a trip. Honor, Sir Federal and Torch Lake Federal have a common goal; which is to give you the same hometown service with the staff you are familiar with.
Most importantly, this decision will not be made without the approving vote from Torch Lake Federal Credit Union’s membership which is you. Equally important is to know this is a voluntary merge between two healthy Credit Unions. In the upcoming months more information will be forthcoming explaining the process, along with the advantages of merging with a more financially diverse credit union. This is not a fast process and we anticipate a timeline of 9-12 months. You will be educated along the way with information, so ultimately when the time comes you can make a sound decision with your voting rights as members. Your Board of Directors wants what is best for the members and the continuation of a strong Credit Union having the capabilities to grow and remain an asset to our community.
Any questions, please feel free to direct them to me by calling 906-337-5565
Mary Kay Grabig-CEO



Protect Your Personal and Financial Information:

Keep in mind....  In place of guns and masks, criminals now use the internet and
laptop to rob consumers.

*  Review your credit report for discrepancies
visit:  www.annualcreditreport.com

It's free and ALL consumers are entitled to receive a FREE credit report from all three credit reporting agencies yearly.

*  Review your Home-Auto-Life insurance policies and make changes if needed.  In addition, update the inventory for your belongings in the event you need to file an insurance claim.



Rates effective as of:  January 6 2014

   New and Pre-owned Auto Rates   

  Product                  Rate                          Term
New 2012-2013     2.500 -3.90%APR         36-72mos
Pre-owned           4.250%                        36-60mos.
Qualified applicants-No Refinancing-Rates are subject to change without notice.
       Cars-Trucks-Campers-Recreational Vehicles
Ask about GAP Protection 
Life/Disability Coverage







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